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Monday, 27 May 2019

Execution of work under order of ZAO „Ford Motor Company“

From April to June 2010, at the request of ZAO Ford Motor Company and in continuation of our cooperation, we carried out a large variety of moderate-size diversified projects that in total, however, represent a significant volume of work.

Here are some of these projects:

  • Production of three load-handling devices for the Mondeo production department;
  • Installation of automatic stoppers at assembly shop stations;
  • Manufacture and installation of the powered rollers designed to move the bodies between the stations of assembly shop;
  • Upgrading of the conveyor system in the repair area;
  • Manufacturing of a mechanism that eliminates the longitudinal movement of the car body when it is passing through the station;
  • Production of carts for transportation of skids;
  • Retrofit of the control software on the various sections of the assembly line;
  • Fitting of the existing sliding horizontal doors on the elevator with the automatic electric actuator;
  • Manufacturing and installation of guard rails.