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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Inspection conveyor


The inspection conveyors are designed for transportation and inspection of products.

The conveyor represents a multi-section integrated structure consisting of four sections and scaffold bridges;

Each section consists of sideframes interconnected by crosspieces. The sidewalls of crosspieces are, at the same time, the connective elements of the sections. The sideframe has a Z-shaped profile.

The entire structure of the conveyor is installed on five racks with screw-type supports on the scaffold bridge. The scaffold bridge consists of 8 sections, interconnected by bolts and connecting frames. The stairs are on both sides of the scaffold bridge.

The conveyor is controlled by the control console and emergency stop buttons.
The bearings (UCF 205) are used as the rotation support base.
Stainless steel is used to produce the designed elements of the conveyor.

These products were used in the following projects:

  • Design and manufacture of the inspection conveyor with scaffold bridge