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Monday, 21 October 2019

Pneumatically driven manipulators

„Kvadrat SG“ designs and manufactures manipulators of various types, that are used in food processing industry.

Pneumatically-driven manipulators are designed for moving the product in the process of production or packaging.


Manipulator, manufactured for OOO „Wrigley“

The manipulator feeds the chewing gum packs from the boxes to the feeding transporter; is a part of the chewing gum packs feeding line.

Technical specifications:

Production rate, units/min – up to 660
Air pressure in the pneumatic system, MPa – 0.6
Air consumption rate, l/min - 100
SMC configuration

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Manipulator, manufactured for  ООО „Khlebnyj Dom“ („House of Bread“)

The manipulator is designed to place the aluminum cuvettes onto the belt of the conveyor.

Technical specifications:

Outline dimensions, mm:

  • length- 545
  • width - 410
  • height – 1 064

    Weight, kg - 80
    Production rate, units/min - 15
    Height of the stack of the cuvettes, mm, not more than - 360
    Air pressure in the pneumatic system, MPa – 0.6
    Air consumption, l/min - 100
    SMC configuration

    These products were used in the following projects:

    • Automatic pack feeder to the FlowPack packaging machine