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Monday, 21 October 2019

Car body elevator


Car body elevator is designed for hauling the products (car bodies).

Car body elevator is a part of production equipment for motor vehicles manufacturing.

Technical specifications:

Elevation height (carriage stroke) –5 000 mm. Load-lifting capacity – 1 000 mm 
Driving element: motor-reducer SEW Eurodrive with frequency converter.
Traction element – counter-balanced rubber-coated metal cord belt. 
Maximum speed of ascending/descending motion – 0.5 m/sec. 
Smooth start and stop. Electromechanical carriage fixing lug „at the storey“. 
Roller-track-type powered transporter (live roller) on the carriage.
Set for safe operation and labour safety.

Car body elevator was manufactured and delivered as a part of the project «Development of the painted bodies buffer. Development of the unpainted bodies buffer“ for car bodies of ZAO „Ford Motor Company“.

These products were used in the following projects:

  • Development of the painted car bodies buffer. Development of the unpainted car bodies buffer
  • Automated line for transferring car bodies from the final assembly section to the painting shop