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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Roller conveyors

There are 2 types of Roller Conveyors unpowered (gravity) and powered (live).

In gravity roller conveyors the rollers rotate freely subject to the force of gravity of the conveying load..

rol1 rol2

In live roller conveyors&the rollers have a group-drive system powered by the motor. The powered roller conveyor is used when you need to provide a constant conveying speed of loads, to move them strictly horizontally or elevate at a certain angle. Depending on its configuration, the conveyor line may include curvilinear sections and turntables.

rol3 rol4 rol5

The use of roller conveyors allows to reduce manual labor, to ensure labor safety and to improve labor conditions; a continuous production process is organized and the operation mode is automatic;

On demand, build trails of varying widths, lengths, included in the configuration of the conveyor various elements: the restrictive side, pneumatic systems, automation systems, etc.;

These products were used in the following projects:

  • Development of the painted car bodies buffer. Development of the unpainted car bodies buffer
  • Automated line for transferring car bodies from the final assembly section to the painting shop
  • Integrated automation of the final bodywork assembly section (Automatic conveyor line)
  • Conveyor line for transportation of the finished products to the warehouse
  • Conveying- and processing line for transportation and packaging of the finished products
  • Automatic feeding system of box compartments for products, with weighing terminal