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Monday, 21 October 2019

Processing tables

Manufacturing of auxiliary processing equipment is one of the lines of activity of "Kvadrat SG“.

"Kvadrat SG" is ready to design and produce various kinds of processing tables:

  • to sort rejected items;
  • for tobacco rod processing;
  • to receive and accumulate products.

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At the request of the customer, the tables may be delivered whether with a screw-type bearings or with a wheel-type bearings (with and without brakes; with tires of gray rubber that does not stain the floors, etc.).

We offer collection tables to accumulate the packed products (convenience foods, crisps, cheese, etc.).

The tables are equipped with a drive that slowly rotates the work surface, allowing to accumulate the products in a uniform layer.

By order of Philip Morris Izhora Company, „Kvadrat SG“ is manufacturing stainless steel tables for tobacco rod processing and for sorting rejected items. The tables are manufactured in accordance with the technical specification and are equipped with any necessary accessories - sieving meshes, slide valves, etc.