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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Automated conveyor for engine and transmission assembly

Customer: Nissan Manufacturing Rus

One of the main processes at any automotive factory is the assembly of the engine and transmission to the body or “marriage” as is called more frequently in the factory’s popular language. This process has to be reliable and effective, the whole production line and effectiveness will depend on the reliability of the solutions made in this part of the line.

Automated buffer for 34 carbodies

The buffer is used for transferring car bodies from the paint shop to the assembly shop.

Production line for tea mixing (blending)

Customer: ООО "Universalnyje Pishtchevyje Tekhnologii“ („Universal Food Technologies“)

In February 2010, we have manufactured and delivered for the OOO „Universal Food Technologies“ the production line for mix preparation of different varieties of tea.

Automated line for transferring car bodies from the final assembly section to the painting shop

Customer: Ford Motor Company

The line is designed to move the car bodies of Focus and Mondeo models from the final assembly section to the painting shop and can operate in fully automatic or manual mode. The components of the line include: powered rollers, turntable, two- and three-position lifting units - integrated by the control system on the basis of the Allen Bradley controller, which also controls the accumulating storage buffer for Focus model car bodies.

Development of 2 robotized welding systems

Customer: Caterpillar Tosno Ltd

ООО «Kvadrat SG», together with the members of the North-West Technopark „Advanced Industrial Engineering“ (ZAO NTC „ROKAD“ and OOO „Kaskad“), has implemented the project „Two robotized welding systems“ for „Caterpillar Tosno“ company. The systems are designed for welding „motor-supports“ (a frame element of a crawler-mounted excavator).

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