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Monday, 21 October 2019

Upgrading of the final assembly conveyor line

Customer: Ford Motor Company

In the summer of 2006, on the order of ZAO "Ford Motor Company“, our company carried out the upgrading (extension for 16 m) of the final assembly conveyor line, which allowed to increase the number of simultaneously assembled vehicles from 7 to 10 cars

Automatic feeding system of box compartments for products, with weighing terminal

Customer: Wrigley

The plant consists of the following main components:

Design and manufacture of the inspection conveyor with scaffold bridge

Customer: Bridgetown Foods

The inspection conveyor with scaffold bridge is designed for transportation and inspection of raw potatoes. The conveyor represents a multi-section integrated structure consisting of four sections and the scaffold bridge; each section consists of sideframes interconnected by crosspieces. The sidewalls of crosspieces are, at the same time, the connective elements of the sections. The sideframe has a Z-shaped profile.

Conveyor line for transportation of the finished products to the warehouse

Customer: Elektroljuks Bytovaya Tekhnika (Electrolux)

The conveyor line is designed to transport the finished products (washing machines) to the warehouse.

Conveying- and processing line for tea blending

Customer: Tealand (Kazakhstan)

Conveying- and processing line is designed for mixing different varieties of tea (blending).

The product is poured out of the bags into the hopper of the feeding (belt-type) conveyor; then, a uniform flow of product is fed to the vibrosieve. After separation of the major impurities, the mass passes into the resrvoir of the blending drum, where the mixture (blend) is formed.