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Monday, 27 May 2019

Automated line for transferring car bodies from the final assembly section to the painting shop

Customer: Ford Motor Company

The line is designed to move the car bodies of Focus and Mondeo models from the final assembly section to the painting shop and can operate in fully automatic or manual mode. The components of the line include: powered rollers, turntable, two- and three-position lifting units - integrated by the control system on the basis of the Allen Bradley controller, which also controls the accumulating storage buffer for Focus model car bodies.

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To the painting shop may be transferred either bodies of Focus and Mondeo models - in a certain sequence - or just the Focus bodies. Moreover, if it is impossible to transfer the Focus body (for example, when all subsequent rollers on the line are busy), it will be directed to the accumulating storage buffer, from which it may be taken when necessary.

Particular attention was paid to safety system. Personnel safety is ensured by light barriers placed in the operating range of the turntable, and by scanners that can detect intrusion into the operating zone of the lifting units. Also, the sensors are installed that open doors to perform maintenance. Thus, in case of intrusion into the danger zone, the operation of the corresponding part of the line is stopped, without affecting the operation of other sections, and is resumed when the intruder leaves the danger zone.

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To determine the actuated interlocking elements of the safety system, as well as to define possible faults, the visual representation system was installed to monitor the line status and accumulating storage buffer of Focus bodies. It allows to pinpoint the location where the actuated interlocking element is situated, or where a malfumction in the line operation has occurred, thus, reducing the time needed to eliminate the causes of shutdown.

Technical specifications:

1. Car bodies conveying speed, m/min – 24
2. Quantity of operational shutdowns in ACL – 1
3. Power input, kW – 22
4. Outline dimensions, m:

  • length – 53
  • width – 10.3
  • height – 7.5

5. Weight, t – 27.6

Products employed:

  • Roller conveyors
  • Car body elevator