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Monday, 21 October 2019

Production line for tea mixing (blending)

Customer: ООО "Universalnyje Pishtchevyje Tekhnologii“ („Universal Food Technologies“)

In February 2010, we have manufactured and delivered for the OOO „Universal Food Technologies“ the production line for mix preparation of different varieties of tea.

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The conveyor belt has a special enclosure to reduce dust emission during transportation and shipment of the product. The control of the conveyors is carried out from a single electric cabinet with the control console and indication devices. Depending on the engineering requirements, the control system provides several routes for the flow of products.

The bunker itself, and all items of the equipment having direct contact with product, are made of stainless steel. The conveyor belt has been certified for use in the food processing industry.

Performance: granulated tea – 2 500 kg/hour; large-leaf tea – 1 500 kg/hour; medium-leaf tea – 2 000 kg/hour. Conveyor belt is the endless belt with corrugated side guide with width of 420 mm; deployed belt length – 6 600 mm; the minimum rate of conveyor belt – 28.5 m/min. Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 16 000 mm x 3 000 mm x 5 000 mm.

Products employed:

  • Belt-type
  • Vertical and high-angle conveyors
  • Industrial mixers (blenders)