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Monday, 21 October 2019

Gas- and Plasma Pattern Cutting of Metal

The „Kvadrat SG“ Company offers plasma- and gas pattern cutting of metal. Cutting of metal is effected on the equipment of our own production:

Thermal Cutting machine PORTAL АК-2600 (working area - 3 500 mm х 2 500 mm):

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Plasma cutting makes it possible to produce parts of complex configuration, both from ferrous- and non-ferrous sheet metal with thicknesses from 1 to 12mm.

Gas cutting allows cutting of plates with thicknesses from 16 to 80mm.

This type of cutting allows to produce components with the accuracy within ± 0.5 mm, which makes possible to reduce production time, as well as to expand the range of manufactured parts. These products do not require further machining, when used in welded constructions. This also allows to significantly reduce labor costs for finishing.

Prices for cutting, for 1 m of cut (without V.A.T.).

Attention! It is desirable to provide drawings of parts in AutoCad or Compass formats. You may obtain the drawings on paper (transfer of drawings into the desired form is a fee-based service)

Plasma CuttingGas Cutting
Plate thickness,
Plate thickness,
0,5-3 мм6016 мм160
4 mm7020 mm180
5 mm8025 mm190
6 мм9030 mm210
8 mm10040 mm280
10 mm11550-60 mm350
12 mm130

Note: prices are indicative only. Exact prices are calculated according to the drawings (taking into account the configuration and quantity of products); the price may vary both downwards and upwards.

Robotized thermal cutting system for parts and workpieces of irregular shape (FANUC robot-based):

  1. chamfering;
  2. cutting of 3D-oriented parts.

It is possible to manufacture products either of our own raw materials, or of the customer’s material.

We have professional engineers, who will make the necessary drawings and finalize them as soon as possible.

The normal production time is about 1 week.